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DAY: 133

Day One hundred and thirty-three: I have finally had time to pause and catch my breath since this past weekend’s event. Despite the winter weather circumstances surrounding my first solo exhibit, I can honestly say this has been the most exhilarating experience I’ve had thus far since deciding to enter the art community. There were so many unexpected yet welcoming experiences. From having to curate my own show to deciding on last minute show decor, it was the very first time I can say I truly felt like a real artist. The most unexpected pleasure I had was breaking down the symbolism behind some of my more thought provoking pieces.

To witness the shocked ah ha moments when I pointed out Easter eggs hidden in plain view made all those long hours in front of the canvas well worth it. I experienced an adrenaline wave that I rode until today. It is only now that I am having enough bandwidth to sift through the photos and love shown on social media. I am officially in this and I love it! I love it all to tears! In my newly created world, exhilaration of this magnitude is few and far between but when it does happen it is a truly magical experience. It is a dragon I wish to continue to ride all the way to the top!

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