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DAY: 188

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Day One hundred and eighty-eight: Tonight as I sit and blog on the eve of my temporary return to nursing, I am overcome with a feeling of dread and anxiety. In that same vein I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride and anticipation for what my creative future holds. You see it is on tomorrow that I will simultaneously re-enter the life which I so dread along with signing a lease for my first ever art studio at The Goat Farm and booth at Westside Market in West Midtown.

It has become a life of duality. A yin vs yang in a sense. I am finally accepting the fact that sometimes in order to take two giant leaps forward you have to rock back on one leg to push off. I must admit underlying the dread and anxiety there is a sense of calm and accomplishment. This time my WHY has changed. Before I worked endlessly just to pay bills that would just recur month to month. Then I lacked drive, I lacked focus, I lacked a goal. Now, my WHY is to finance the growth of my business and to nurture my creative purpose and process. Now, I have a WHY I can eagerly awake to.

Yesterday I was just nursing for dollars. Today I’m “occasionally” picking up a shift just in order to finance my WHY and keep the art studio lights on!! Say hello to the newest Goat Farm tenant/Westside Market vendor!!!!

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