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DAY: 14

Day Fourteen: Today was both as rewarding as it was trying. This morning I awoke to the sheer anticipation of delivering one of my pieces to its new forever owner. Ironically, during my drive I received a phone call from a nursing recruiter that wished to interview me immediately for a director level nursing position offering an awesome salary. Initially I was caught off guard and agreed to meet within the next hour even though I wasn’t dressed appropriately. I immediately called hubby to tell him what I thought was good news. After hearing my news he simply responded “No Capes”. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. “No Capes” as in “No Distractions” that could detour me from my ultimate purpose.

Capes provide a sense of safety to it’s wearer but could cause great harm to said wearer if it were to anchor itself onto something. Nursing had been my Cape. I hung up the phone and called the recruiter back and politely declined the interview. The universe has a funny way of placing tempting poison fruit in front of you when you are starving the most. It was like the universe was testing whether or not I really wanted to embark on this journey. The goal is to remain resilient even during the tough times in order to fulfill your purpose. I’m just thankful I have a partner to remind me of this number one rule.

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