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DAY: 16

Day Sixteen: “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better”. Thanks universe, I know and I hear ya loud and clear. Today it’s like the universe sent out one mass group text alerting all the things that could possibly go wrong and cost an excess of funds to act accordingly. What’s that you say, I have a “potential” cavity that needs to be filled immediately? Oh, and I have to pay out of pocket until my insurance reimburses me, sure why not? What’s that universe, my out of warranty car’s headlight is out and a special device is needed in order to change it?

Sure, no problem. I’m sorry universe, you said it will cost how much? These setbacks are all weapons of mass destruction fired at me in an attempt to drive me back into the financial comfort zone of nursing. I understand sacrifices, financial and emotional, will have to be made in order to travel on this road. What the universe does not know is that I too sent out a mass text proclaiming how much I want this! This too shall pass and I will remain uplifted and undeterred.

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