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DAY: 2

Day Two: I promise these updates will not be daily. Today was a much better day. For most of the day I was fairly busy running errands which took my mind off my current plight. By chance I awoke to Rylie Caldwell’s IG post advertising an art show at Anne Irwin’s Fine Art gallery. I decided to attend and it was the most reaffirming decision all week. I was able to meet Rylie in person and was amazed by the new artist tips she openly provided. For the first time I truly felt the total immersion into the arts.

This was home and where I was destined to be. It would just take time, dedication, and persistence. There were so many inspiring pieces and to be amongst that energy felt amazing. I feel as though the universe is finally sending me a “Yasss Girl” when I need it most. As I am able to organize my thoughts more I am able to now see the glimmer of light at the end of the creative tunnel. Yet the light is still quite far however, it is there.

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