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DAY: 20

Day Twenty: The day initially started off status quo and progressed favorably as time went on. During an errand for art supplies I randomly decided to stop by an art gallery in the area for a dose of inspiration. The gallery that initially caught my eye was Allen Avery Art Company on Miami Circle. It was a quaint yet unsuspectingly large gallery that housed several contemporary works of art created by various artist. One piece that captured my attention was a rather large piece by the accomplished artist Michi Meko @michimeko . His piece The Rip Rip Currents, a 2015 creation, was dedicated to the Black struggle however, just looking at it you would never guess. After, inquiring about its inspiration the curator informed me that the artist was an avid fisherman that had recently had a near drowning experience which lead to the piece’s inspiration.

Mr. Meko incorporated nautical compass lines and nautical flags to convey a sense of distress. Every inch of the canvas had deep meaning whether it was conveyed via color, texture, or symbols. It was equally amazing and inspiring. During my departure the universe gave me a thumbs up to assure me I was exactly where I was supposed to be. By chance The Consolation of Philosophy by Max Richter, a song featured in an episode of Black Mirror, started to play overhead. This non mainstream song is one that I often meditate to and play while putting the girls to bed. It’s only been twenty days since I commenced this journey however, I live for days like this when the universe takes a moment to validate my purpose and timing. Today will go down in the record books as a good day.

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