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DAY: 31

Day Thirty-One: I can’t believe it has been an entire month since I decided to transition into my purpose. I was uncomfortable therefore I had to grow and that’s where I currently reside, hiking through the forest of growth without a compass. This month I have learned that even with a daily schedule and a handful of discipline, life has a funny way of carefully packaging and delivering the unknown to you. Whether that be financial, emotional, or physical setbacks that ruin a day of productivity. The most encouraging lesson thus far is that I have and am still learning what I am made of. During the span of my career I have never been made so uncomfortable that I was force to move on and grow. For 15 years I have remained in the same little potter surviving with occasional water and florescent lighting. Now I have the opportunity to thrive in direct sunlight amongst the trees and suddenly I am excited yet overwhelmed. Now is when I realize Courage is Terrifying however, the opportunity to even act on that courage is what keeps me moving full speed ahead.

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