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DAY: 35

Day Thirty-Five: This is another example of raw unadulterated me. After the lawn care agreement with my leasing company ended I decided to purchase a lawn mower. The reason I decided this was I was now determined to keep a past broken promise to myself. Years ago I had purchased an electric lawn mower with the same determination I have now to care for a much larger lawn at my previous home. After about two cuts I completely gave up the idea and practically gave a brand new mower away during my move. I felt this time was different. I had something to prove to myself when I purchased the 1930’s vintage push mower. I had to follow through no matter what. Today I had an epiphany while cutting the grass. Cutting the grass had become cathartic for me and while listening to the “wise philosopher” Ciara, it had become evident that I must too Level Up. I must apply the same level of dedication to my creative journey that I have applied to consistently cutting my own grass over the past year. I had set a goal and had been successful with the follow through even on days I didn’t feel up to the challenge. In that moment for the first time I felt an increased sense of hope and relief that I can and will succeed on this entrepreneurial endeavor.

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