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DAY: 106

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Day One hundred and six: I cannot believe I have survived my first 100 days of this creative pilgrimage. I also cannot believe that this entire journey started a mere year ago today. For those of you who may not know, for my birthday last year my hubby gifted me with an artist starter kit complete with an easel and lots of blank canvases. To top it off he sent me to a hotel alone for the weekend to try out my new toys. Little did I know of the amazing journey ahead complete with super highs as well as some lows. Ironically, the pieces I painted that weekend were never sold and are kept within view to keep me grounded and as a constant reminder of where this entire journey began. Today I am a year older and eagerly anticipate what the coming year has in store. I am grateful for those who continue to inspire me by loving me and my work. This past year my creative career has grown by leaps and bounds and who knows what I’ll have to report this time next year? All a gal can do is dream hard and paint harder. Happy Birthday to ME and Happy 1st Birthday to my DREAM 🤗❤️🎈🧁

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